Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Download

About the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Tool

So you visited this website because you are looking for a working Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Tool or simply a Pixel Gun 3D Hack. Call it however you want but fact is, that you would like to have some more money and gold on your Pixel Gun 3D Account. Thanks to us, you can now do that! We hereby announce the release of the working pixel gun 3d cheats tool. As Pixel Gun 3D works on the iOS and Android systems only, we coded the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats for that kind of compatibility as well. It has never been easier to cheat in that game and dominate the fight. We implemented two hack features into the Pixel Gun 3D Hack: You can add up to 9999999 Money and 999999 Gold to your Pixel Gun 3D Account. And it doesn’t even require your username! That is the reason why your account will never get banned or anything like that as there are no footprints. In addition we added an encryption module to increase your safety. Can’t believe us? Check out the screenshot below to see this awesome thing!


pixel gun 3d cheats


Pixel Gun 3D Cheats – Instructions

Most people will know how to use the Pixel Gun 3D Hack but for those who have no clue: Here is a quick tutorial on how to start and configure this cheat. What we want to do first, is to download the cheat. To do so, simply click the download button above this paragraph. Since the file is quite small it should take only a few seconds until the download is finished. Extract the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Tool and start the application. You will see two windows. An activation window and the actual Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Tool. To learn how to activate the license of this program properly, click here. You can also read the ReadMe.txt File as it is explained in there. After the license was entered and activated, plugin your device. Make sure that Pixel Gun 3D is started.¬†Then select the system in the cheats tool (iOS/Android) and click on “Detect Device”. If the detection was successful, you can proceed. Configure the hack: Tick what features you want to use and enter the amount to add (eg. 99999 Money). Simply click the “Start Hack”- Button and it will start. Check your money and gold in the game and you’ll see that it worked!

How the Cheat works

There are some people out there who are interested in understanding how the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats works. First of all, there were people asking us to buy the source code. We would sell the source code to you for about $500 minimum. A lot of work has been put into this tool! However, we would like to explain and give you a short overview on how it works without telling you too much. So every online game that saves information of a player such as money and gold, has a database. In that database the server saves the information. Example: Billy has an account “Billy123″. He gets 100 Money. The server saves this value in the SQL Database to the user “Billy123″ with the value “100” in the column “Money”. We found a¬†vulnerability in that database. This allows the pixel gun 3d cheats to connect to that database in stealth mode and finally change the value to whatever you want. Sounds easy, huh? But it took us much work to get it running! Our team is amazing, you can also check out another project of us regarding the Pixel Gun 3D Cheats Tool here:¬†http://hyperhacks.net/

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